Turn your video surveillance system into a smart system by utilizing facial recognition technology using Rank One’s Milestone plugin.
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Empower security guards with automated visitor logging and create automated alerts by leveraging the power of Milestone's XProtect system.
Create identities for your repeat visitors, collect them into groups, and control access to sensitive areas.
Utilize ROC Watch's powerful logging functionality to determine who was there, when they were there and where else they have been.
Private Mode
ROC Watch ships with a ‘Do Not Collect’ mode that preserves the highest possible privacy for your system’s users. Schedule a demo to learn more!
Augment your Security System with FR Technology
Plug and Play
ROC Watch is quick to install, easily plugs into your existing XProtect setup, and very simple to learn.
Reliable FR
Built atop Rank One’s top-tier and US-built face recognition algorithm, ROC Watch offers a responsible & trustworthy real-time FR solution.
ROC Watch offers the ability to selectively add face recognition to your cameras as well as distribute the computing load across your system.
Endlessly Extendable
Leveraging the Milestone Marketplace, ROC Watch integrates the power of face recognition with all of your current automation and security capabilities.
Know who is on your premises and where.
Build a comprehensive history of the people accessing your most sensitive areas, manage your expected visitors and gain insight into the traffic of your building.
Setup watchlists, trigger Milestone's access control tools, or be alerted when VIPs visit your site - automatically.
Resolve incidents by uploading an image of key persons of interest to find out where they were and when. Then export a report to share your findings.
At Rank One, we believe in utilizing the power of FR to make the world a better and safer place.
Lightweight Plugin for Milestone’s XProtect VMS
ROC Watch is ready to drop into your Milestone instance
  • Works with all levels of XProtect.
  • Distributable across machines.
  • Seamless integration into Smart Client.
  • Customizable privacy settings.
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