Harness the power of Rank One's industry-leading face recognition in a modern turnkey forensic system.
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Search gives you a quick and easy way to identify individuals in your media files. Select a person of interest, and Explore will provide you with matches ranked by similarity scores. Perform rapid and intuitive facial examination on these matches through 1:1 comparison and export your results.
Cluster takes your galleries of thousands of photos & videos and groups them into presumed identities. Triage 100 identities instead of 100,000 photos. Streamline your digital forensic/CEM analysis by searching with identities to get the most accurate results.
Watch provides real-time & historical video analysis. Gone are those man-hours spent pouring over video feeds or streams. Leverage the power of identities extracted from your galleries to automatically collect and identify persons of interest from any video stream.
Bringing FR Systems into the 21st Century
Explore works on commodity computers. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment.
Intuitive Controls
Explore uses natural interactions and intuitive controls, allowing you to dive deep.
Missing Puzzle Piece
We know that you have your own investigative systems, databases and processes. Explore exports all information in an easily-ingestible format, designed to enhance your existing system.
Moving Out of the Silo
Link Explore desktop to mobile as a single, seamless ecosystem over encrypted connections. Keep your agents connected in the field.
Readily Available Support
You will receive support from the most capable engineering team in the industry. We are passionate about ensuring our products meet your needs.
Follow the Breadcrumbs
Most FR solutions cater to one use case. Explore gives you access to all investigative applications of FR in one inter-operable product. You can follow your leads the way you need to.
Empower your team with turnkey FR investigation.
Digital Forensics
Complete investigations in record time with robust digital forensics tools leveraging all the data at your disposal.
Connect to Explore Mobile or other video capture devices and take your investigation into the field.
Mugshot Search
Go from cold case to investigative lead by processing data at an unprecedented scale, all from a laptop.
At Rank One, we believe in utilizing the power of FR to make the world a better and safer place.
We have flexible solutions to fit your needs
Explore is ready to funnel into your process

Mac OS





  • Works with commodity webcams.
  • Ingests any sort of media.
  • Supports most systems from the last 10 years.
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