Native face recognition

Decrease risk and increase flexibility with the ROC SDK, a fully native face recognition solution from Rank One. Keep your data on your machine, no internet connection required.

Fully functional

Expand your software's capability by leveraging the ROC SDK. Face detection, search, verification, clustering, demographic estimation, and appearance classification are all available out of the box.

Any data, anywhere

Rank One algorithms excel under a multitude of facial variations. Whether faces are occluded, poorly lit or have a unique expression, your data can be used.

Video support

Face tracking and video-based face recognition allow the ROC SDK to be easily deployed regardless of the data capture method.

Ingest data rapidly

Waiting days to process your data is a thing of the past. Amongst the most accurate vendors, the Rank One algorithm is the fastest in the industry1, enrolling more than 10 faces, per CPU core, per second.

COTS-A through COTS-E refer to the other top-tier commercial-off-the-shelf face recognition providers according to the industry standard NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) Ongoing2.

Instant results

Rank One has the fastest matching speeds in the industry1. Supporting 3 million comparisons, per CPU core, per second, realtime results are the new standard.

Do more, with less

Templates generated using the Rank One algorithm are amongst the smallest in the industry1. What once required a server room can be done on a laptop or mobile device.

Industry leading accuracy

The Rank One algorithm is amongst the most accurate in the world1. Rank One is the most accurate vendor outside of Russia and China.

Cost effective

At a fraction of the cost of competitors, the ROC SDK makes high-quality face recognition available to all. At no extra cost, the ROC SDK is bundled with a demo application allowing rapid testing and evaluation.

Supporting your mission

Choosing the development language that best fits your needs is easy; the ROC SDK provides a C API along with Python, Java, C# and Go wrappers and is supported on all major operating systems. 24/7 support from U.S. based engineers who built the technology allows your team to rapidly integrate and deploy the ROC SDK.

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